The Groom & The Bride

Shella Angela Soerya Putri

Shella Angela Soerya Putri

Daughter of Mr. Soeryono ( † ) and Mrs. Riana Susilowati


Hans Sebastian Tiono

Hans Sebastian Tiono

Son of Mr. Subagio Tiono and Mrs. Nani Indrajani Tjitrakusuma


Series of Events


Holy Matrimony

15:00 - 16:30 WIB
2023-09-10T15:00:00+07:00 2023-09-10T16:30:00+07:00 Hans & Shella's Wedding: Holy Matrimony Palimanan Resto & Cafe


17:00 WIB - end
2023-09-10T17:00:00+07:00 2023-09-10T18:00:00+07:00 Hans & Shella's Wedding: Reception Palimanan Resto & Cafe
Palimanan Resto & Cafe
Ciputra Golf, Jl. Citra Raya Utama, Surabaya
Jawa Timur, Indonesia

Our Stories

There was never a coincidence. We believe that God has brought us to be together and we're excited to share a small summary of our journey together.


between Hans and Shella

It was in 2021, during pandemic time that Hans and Shella got to know each other from a good friend of Shella. As you may have known, Hans lives and works in the Netherlands. However at that time, he was working remotely from Indonesia for 8 months, thus he got a chance to meet Shella and got into relationship with her.


Shella was Hans' first girlfriend, and Hans was Shella's first boyfriend - hereafter, they are united in marriage until death separates them.


Indonesia and The Netherlands

Hans had to go back to The Netherlands and they started long distance relationship. Communication was through lots of chats and calls. Though it wasn't easy at all, eventually they could make it through because of their trust, support, care, and most importantly their love for each other.

Indonesia and The Netherlands is 5-6 hours apart. They have this long distance relationship for around 2 years in total.

Shella said YES!

to marry Hans

In April 2022, when Hans was on holiday in Indonesia, he was finally sure to start his life together with Shella, so he planned a surprise to propose her one day before going back to the Netherlands. Shella said yes to marry Hans.


Hans and Shella got engaged in Surabaya in May 2023. This was a celebration for both their families and also one step further towards their life together.


  • adaf
    4 months ago

  • Agis & Petra
    Happy wedding Hans & Shella. Really happy for both of you! We’re wishing you a blessed marriage where God will always be your source of love and energy.
    See you soon in Netherlands!

    Agis & Petra
    10 months ago

  • Ivan Sulaiman & Agnes Phebe
    Happy wedding Hans en Shella. So happy for both of you. Really wish you a wonderful marriage in which God always be with you and be the center of your marriage. We pray for your fruitful and blessed marriage 🥰🥰🥰. Can't wait to see you both here 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 Ivan- Agnes
    10 months ago

  • Ivana Kristanti
    Congratulations Ko Hans and Ce Shella! Wishing both of you a lifetime of joy and love in Christ. May God always be the center and the source. God bless!
    10 months ago

  • Kak Ati & Oom Tony
    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd Hans en Shella, samen nog veel mooie en liefdevolle jaren toegewenst, God zegen.
    10 months ago

  • Michelle Tanjaya GOING
    Congratulations Hans and C Shella
    So happy to see you guys together forever
    I'm glad to witness all from the beginning of the journey until this step
    Hope God bless your marriage
    And for C Shella, welcome to NL❤️❤️
    10 months ago

  • Mr. & Ms. Henoch GOING
    Gefeliciteerd, ja, Hans en Shella... Vele gelukkige jaren toegewenst, van tante en oom Henoch
    10 months ago

  • Ny. Jd. Harry Subagijo
    Selamat Menempuh Hidup Baru Hans dan Shella
    10 months ago

  • Shirleen Handayani GOING
    Congratulations Shella n Hans! Finally you found the one that you'll spend your life together. God bless your marriage life Shel. Wish you nothing but alwayss stay in love and God always be the center of your marriage life! Hepi2 disana yaaa, lovee yaa🤍🤍🤍
    10 months ago

  • Mrs. Purwati / Meme GOING
    Selamat mengarungi bahtera kehidupan buat Hans & Shella. Kasih Agape ada dlm rumah tangga baru kalian, saling mengasihi, saling melayani, saling mengisi, bertumbuh dlm iman, pengharapan dan kasih. Menjadi keluarga bahagia yg cinta Tuhan sampai akhir 😇 Jbu
    10 months ago

  • Mrs. Tika GOING
    Selamat menempuh hidup baru Hans & Shella, Tuhan telah mempertemukan kalian utk menjadi sebuah keluarga yg manis harmonis sehati sepikir dlm menjalani hdp bersama Tuhan Yesus
    10 months ago

  • Mrs. Josephine Angela GOING
    Selamat menempuh hidup baru Hans & Shella. Tuhan memberkati pernikahannya. Anggur manis tercurah dlm hidup rumah tangganya
    10 months ago

  • Hans Christian Djaputra GOING
    bái tóu xié lǎo 👴🏻👵🏻🤍
    10 months ago

  • Erik & Rieke GOING
    Eindelijk Hansie pansie het is je gegund… erg fijn voor je ….we gaan haar en jouw gouw ontmoeten…., heel veel liefde samen gewenst
    10 months ago

  • Kevin Khuana GOING
    Truly Happy for you guys, congrats for finding The One. Lancarr" diberkati dan disertai Tuhan Yesus sampai hari H ya. Love youu guys 🫶🏻
    11 months ago

  • Cynthia Sinatra & Marco GOING
    Big Congrats Shel & Hans!! I’m truly happy for you two❤️❤️ So excited to see u in white! May God bless your relationship always❤️
    11 months ago

  • Mr. Hartoyo & family GOING
    Congrats Eya & Hans bahagia selalu, Tuhan memberkati kalian 😍🥰😘😘😘😘
    11 months ago

  • Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Pranoto GOING
    11 months ago

  • Yosia Mulyonugroho & Felicya Sanjaya GOING
    Congrats Shella! May God bless your marriage! Lancar2!!
    11 months ago

  • Nadya Feronica Sanjaya GOING
    Congratulation cece Shella and ko Hans
    Blessed for knowing your love story journey !
    cannot wait for see you both on your wedding day
    Jesus blessed and loved you cece koko !
    11 months ago

  • Albert Edwillian Pratomo and Melissa GOING
    Congratulations ko Hans and ce Shella!
    Wishing you a marriage full of health, love, fun and cuan 🤍
    See you soon in Naarderstraat! 😄
    11 months ago

  • Elizabeth Elrica Fifinella T. P & Albertus Praditya Permana P GOING
    congrats ya shell.. see you on your big day! so happy for you both, lancar2 yaaaa
    11 months ago

  • Elvina Yuliana & Julian Vegt GOING
    throughout the years that I've known you, never have I felt such conviction — miles apart, yet drawn together with one vision. a lifetime of happiness awaits, i hope from now on, you would always choose yourselves first. love you guys big time!
    11 months ago

  • Jemy Firsto Simanjuntak GOING
    Happy for both of you! Cannot wait and Jesus always be with you two 🤩
    11 months ago

  • Mr. & Mrs. Yohanes Ivan Kristanto GOING
    Selamat ya hans dan ciella doa yg terbaik buat kalian berdua 🥰🥰
    11 months ago

  • Cartenius Jaya Wijaya & Erina Purnama GOING
    Congrats shella dan suami, semoga berbahagia selamanya 🎉🎉
    11 months ago

  • Alvin Triadi & Michael Fernando Christadi GOING
    Congrats… yuhuuu 🥂🥂
    11 months ago

  • Josephine Raphaela Handojo GOING
    HUHU *HAPPY TEARS* 🥹🤍 to tell about Hans to Shella is one of the best decision that i've ever made. you just belong to each other, happy yet excited to see you guys in whitee! love youu guysss!! 🧡
    11 months ago

  • Bramy Ivanda Ferdian, Swandayani Seputro & Astrid GOING
    Congratulations guys . Ngk sabar datang di acra kalian semangat ya tetap bahagia dan tuhan beserta kalian selalu
    11 months ago

  • Redemptus Alvin Hapsianto GOING
    So happy and excited to be there 🤗
    Congratulations Hans and Shella forever!
    11 months ago

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